Jimmy Yuen Ho Wong

What I have built


Web components set for building semantic and easily stylable data grid widgets with Backbone.js.



Drop-in replacement for Backbone.js's Collection class. Supports server-side, client-side and infinite pagination.



A light-weight, full-stack and flexible Python Web application framework built on CherryPy.



A Scala SBT build tool plug-in for switching between multiple configuration environments during different stages of a software development cycle.



Safari Extension for social bookmarking via Delicious.


Who I have worked for


Web Engineer

Launched 5 major features. Helped laying the foundation for migrating the code base from Backbone and Marionette to React and Redux. Converted toolchain from ES5 and browserify to ES2015 and Webpack. Maintained cf-ui. Grew the team from 2 to 9.

2016 - 2017


Front-End Software Engineer

Revamped account settings and data grid rendering across the product. Fixed numerous long-standing front-end bugs. Brought my expertise in Backbone.js to the team. Refactored a major portion of the existing Javascript codebase to ease defect detection and correction. Helped migrate the front-end codebase towards React.js. Brought ElasticSearch knowledge to the team.

2014 - 2015

General Assembly


Taught HTML, CSS, Javascript and up-to-date industry best practices as the co-instructor for the Front-End Web Development course. Helped students to develop their skills and confidence as front-end developers.



Contract Software Developer

Implemented an end-to-end OAuth signup and login function for Fable.org's crowd-funding website using hello.js, PassportJS, NodeJS and AngularJS


Muneris Services (Outblaze Ltd. Subsidiary)

Senior Software Engineer

Managed a team of three and responsible for the overall design and implementation of a configuration console built-on Backbone.js for a highly scalable gaming Web service system.


Demand Analytics

Contract Software Engineer (Data Team)

Lead the Hong Kong data team and provided expertise on Django, Scrapy and general Web architecture.



Backend / Web Software Engineer

Implemented the entire mobile Web services backend, Web-site and the back-office inventory tracking Web application using SASS, Compass, Twitter Bootstrap, Backbone, PostGIS and blueberrypy.




Implemented a Web application for social dining using CherryPy, Celery with RabbitMQ, Redis, SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL. Invented blueberrypy and open-sourced it. Managed the entire technology stack from design, architecture, development and deployment.


Outblaze Ltd.

Software Engineer

Implemented a payment gateway Web service client for a popular Facebook game and a single-sign-on authentication and session management Web service using Java, Spring and MongoDB.

2010 - 2011


Software Engineer (Java)

Implemented a new Web-site decovery and feedback feature called Frogpond in Java and JSP. Provided numerous fixes and improvements across the entire platform from bug fixes, security patches to PostgreSQL query optimizations to a Web site servicing millions of users.

2007 - 2008

Team and Concepts Ltd. (EditGrid.com)

Associate Software Engineer

Implemented a custom Entity-Attribute-Value Model meta-datastore in Java, JSP and MySQL. Developed numerous plugins and customizations for an in-house content management system based on Java, Spring and Hibernate.

2004 - 2005

Coworkshop Solutions Ltd

Software Engineer Trainee

Implemented an Adobe Illutrator plugin to merge PDF labels. Fixed bugs in an internal workflow application built on Lotus Notes.


Where I have been educated

Tufts University

Medford, MA, USA

Graduate Certificate - Computer Science

2008 - 2009

Boston University

Boston, MA, USA

Bachelor of Arts - Computer Science

2002 - 2007