Jimmy Yuen Ho Wong

What I have built


Web components set for building semantic and easily stylable data grid widgets with Backbone.js.



Drop-in replacement for Backbone.js's Collection class. Supports server-side, client-side and infinite pagination.



A light-weight, full-stack and flexible Python Web application framework built on CherryPy.



A Scala SBT build tool plug-in for switching between multiple configuration environments during different stages of a software development cycle.



Safari Extension for social bookmarking via Delicious.


Who I have worked for


Front-End Software Engineer

Revamped account settings and data grid rendering across the product. Fixed numerious long-standing front-end bugs. Brought my expertise in Backbone.js to the team. Refactored a major portion of the existing Javascript codebase to ease defect detection and correction. Helped migrate the front-end codebase towards React.js. Brought ElasticSearch knowledge to the team.

2014 - 2015

General Assembly


Taught HTML, CSS, Javascript and up-to-date industry best practices as the co-instructor for the Front-End Web Development course. Helped students to develop their skills and confidence as front-end developers.



Contract Software Developer

Implemented an end-to-end OAuth signup and login function for Fable.org's crowd-funding website using hello.js, PassportJS, NodeJS and AngularJS


Muneris Services (Outblaze Ltd. Subsidiary)

Senior Software Engineer

Managed a team of three and responsible for the overall design and implementation of a configuration console built-on Backbone.js for a highly scalable gaming Web service system.


Demand Analytics

Contract Software Engineer (Data Team)

Lead the Hong Kong data team and provided expertise on Django, Scrapy and general Web architecture.



Backend / Web Software Engineer

Implemented the entire mobile Web services backend, Web-site and the back-office inventory tracking Web application using SASS, Compass, Twitter Bootstrap, Backbone, PostGIS and blueberrypy.




Implemented a Web application for social dining using CherryPy, Celery with RabbitMQ, Redis, SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL. Invented blueberrypy and open-sourced it. Managed the entire technology stack from design, architecture, development and deployment.


Outblaze Ltd.

Software Engineer

Implemented a payment gateway Web service client for a popular Facebook game and a single-sign-on authentication and session management Web service using Java, Spring and MongoDB.

2010 - 2011


Software Engineer (Java)

Implemented a new Web-site decovery and feedback feature called Frogpond in Java and JSP. Provided numerous fixes and improvements across the entire platform from bug fixes, security patches to PostgreSQL query optimizations to a Web site servicing millions of users.

2007 - 2008

Team and Concepts Ltd. (EditGrid.com)

Associate Software Engineer

Implemented a custom Entity-Attribute-Value Model meta-datastore in Java, JSP and MySQL. Developed numerous plugins and customizations for an in-house content management system based on Java, Spring and Hibernate.

2004 - 2005

Coworkshop Solutions Ltd

Software Engineer Trainee

Implemented an Adobe Illutrator plugin to merge PDF labels. Fixed bugs in an internal workflow application built on Lotus Notes.


Where I have been educated

Tufts University

Medford, MA, USA

Graduate Certificate - Computer Science

2008 - 2009

Boston University

Boston, MA, USA

Bachelor of Arts - Computer Science

2002 - 2007